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Cecilia has been writing with Termii for two years. Her articles appear on e-zine sites including Medium.com. Her educational background in Literature-in-English and experience working with Termii has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She contributes articles about communication and customer engagement techniques regularly to Termii.medium.com. Her articles focus on getting it right with engaging customer communications while leveraging Termii's messaging tools. Learn more about how Cecilia's articles could grow your business by visiting termii.medium.com

Nigerian YC-Backed CPaaS startup Termii secures Seed capital led by Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa

Termii, an African communications-as-a-service startup has raised $1.4 Million in seed funds. 50% of the round was co-led by both Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa while other participants include Aidi Ventures, Remapped Ventures, Nama Ventures, RallyCap Ventures, Assembly Investors, Acuity Ventures, and Kairos Angels. Notable Industry Angels also joined the round such as Eric Idiahi (Verod Capital), Tayo Oviousu (Paga), Josh Jones (Dream Host), Diran Otegbade, MyAsiaVC, and Ham Serunjogi (Chipper Cash)

Credpal’s Improved Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Termii’s Easy Tools for Messaging

According to a McKinsey report, Africa is becoming home to some of the most promising fintech startups. Nigeria alone hosts over 200 fintech companies with online lending platforms being part of the biggest Fintech solutions operating in the Nigerian market. it further states that Nigeria’s fintech sector has raised more than $600 million in funding, attracting 25 percent ($122 million) of the $491.6 million raised by African tech startups in 2019 alone.

5 Reasons Your Messages are Failing and How to Fix It

SMS is the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. According to 99firms, the average open rate for text message campaigns is 98% compared to the 20% available email rate, while response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates. How is it possible to benefit from this advantage if messages are not being delivered as desired? With every country and mobile operator having fluid regulations about what type of traffic is allowed or considered illegal, SMS communication can be tricky for big and small brands. In this article, we will highlight the possible reasons messages fail and touch on critical criteria to help make better decisions in reaching and engaging your audience.