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Connecting Continents: Termii's Regulatory VAS Approval in Ivory Coast and the US

We are excited that Termii has achieved a significant milestone: official regulatory VAS approval to terminate authentication, voice, and message campaign traffic in Ivory Coast and the United States. This approval represents an important step forward, enhancing our ability to provide reliable communication solutions that empower businesses and communities in these regions.

Everything You Need to Know About Message Characters

Everything You Need to Know About Message Characters

Are you aware that the amount of message parts you send determines the costs of your message to your contacts? In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about message characters.

Sending text messages is a great way to communicate with people because they have short attention spans and frequently check their phones while on the go. Your messages will be received quickly and effectively.

That raises the question: What is the maximum character limit for a text message?

When composing a message, you will notice the numbers in the message composer's lower corner. Yes, that’s the message character count that guides you as you type.

5 Reasons Your Messages are Failing and How to Fix It

SMS is the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. According to 99firms, the average open rate for text message campaigns is 98% compared to the 20% available email rate, while response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates. How is it possible to benefit from this advantage if messages are not being delivered as desired? With every country and mobile operator having fluid regulations about what type of traffic is allowed or considered illegal, SMS communication can be tricky for big and small brands. In this article, we will highlight the possible reasons messages fail and touch on critical criteria to help make better decisions in reaching and engaging your audience.