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Termii — How to set up high-volume WhatsApp

Due to significant changes on WhatsApp Business API, we are shutting down our Low-Volume WhatsApp route and advising our users to switch to our High-volume WhatsApp route or use our alternate channels — SMS and Voice. This article gives a detailed guide on how to do that seamlessly.


Comes with Unlimited Daily Messages

  1. Integrate our API — https://developer.termii.com/
  2. Visit your device page, apply for a device ID, or copy your approved device ID for testing — https://accounts.termii.com/#/devices.

NB: Test ID only lasts for 7 days after which we will deactivate you. Skip step 2 if we have added an ID for you.

3. Once you are ready to go live [the most Important]

Submit the following details to your support group or via email to whatsapp@termii.com

  • Your Facebook business name
  • Your Facebook Page ID
  • Phone number to attach to WhatsApp account
  • Your current Verification Status

4. Submit a verification request on Facebook

5. Get approval status from Facebook

6. Visit your device page — https://accounts.termii.com/#/devices to get device details

7. Open your wallet and load your account with enough funds.