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Termii — How to set up high-volume WhatsApp

Due to significant changes on WhatsApp Business API, we are shutting down our Low-Volume WhatsApp route and advising our users to switch to our High-volume WhatsApp route or use our alternate channels — SMS and Voice. This article gives a detailed guide on how to do that seamlessly.


Comes with Unlimited Daily Messages

  1. Integrate our API —
  2. Visit your device page, apply for a device ID, or copy your approved device ID for testing —

NB: Test ID only lasts for 7 days after which we will deactivate you. Skip step 2 if we have added an ID for you.

3. Once you are ready to go live [the most Important]

Submit the following details to your support group or via email to

  • Your Facebook business name
  • Your Facebook Page ID
  • Phone number to attach to WhatsApp account
  • Your current Verification Status

4. Submit a verification request on Facebook

5. Get approval status from Facebook

6. Visit your device page — to get device details

7. Open your wallet and load your account with enough funds.

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Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference: The recap

Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference in partnership with Techpoint Africa wrapped last weekend, 23rd July 2022, and we’d say it was a huge success! There was much to take in, from exciting panel sessions to groundbreaking new release info. But if you missed something, don’t worry! We’re recapping the main points for you, AND you can still watch the session recordings as you read along.

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