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Termii Bulk SMS API: Send SMS to up to 10k phone numbers with a single API request

It’s a perfect time! We are excited to announce our BULK SMS API — an addition to the Switch feature that simplifies and improves the way businesses and developers can build bulk SMS in their web/applications this sales period (and of course, beyond).

Why is this an exciting update?

Before now, if developers needed to communicate with many users via Switch, they had to first;

  1. Use the send message API, which has a limit of 100 phone numbers and could only send a message to a maximum of 100 phone numbers in one single API call.
  2. the Campaign API, which took a long process of creating a phone book, uploading contacts.

At this moment, developers and businesses can send bulk SMS to up to 10,000 phone numbers in one single API call via Termii’s Bulk SMS API.

Termii Bulk SMS API is applicable if you need to:

  • Send reliable and timely notifications. Making sure your users/subscribers don’t miss out on important and urgent information just got easier. You can use a single API request to send a bulk message to your customers.
  • Communicate marketing/promotional updates. With the Termii Bulk SMS API, businesses can seamlessly make a single request that notifies a set of phone numbers

What does this mean for developers?

Easier application — One API request to send up to 10,000 SMS messages

How it Works…

Create a JSON payload that takes:

  • An array of phone numbers between 1 and 10,000 in the to field.
  • Your message in the sms field in and then pass.
  • Set your sender-id as from and then other necessary fields as stated in the documentation.

When you are ready, fire up the request and our system take it from there.

Sample JSON request

{"to": ["23490555546","23423490126999","23490555546"],
"from": "talert",
"sms": "Hi there, testing Termii",
"type": "plain",
"channel": "generic",
"api_key": "Your API Key",}

Sample Response

{"code": "ok",
"message_id": "9122821270554876574",
"message": "Successfully Sent",
"balance": 9,
"user": "Peter Mcleish"}

Check the API documentation for more.

Please note: We strongly recommend the bulk SMS API for developers/businesses sending a message to multiple phone numbers, if otherwise, the send API is most appropriate.

Now that you know how to use Termii’s Bulk SMS API, you can enhance your company’s marketing and branding by reaching out to a large set of your customers with those special discount coupons, holiday deals, and updates from your business with a single API request.

To take advantage of Termii’s communication platform, log in to your account if you’re already a Termii user, or head over to to create a free account and get started.

New - Connect Your Business Tools to Termii Using Zapier

We’re excited to announce our integration with Zapier! Sending messages on our platform has become more seamless and better. With Termii’s integration to Zapier, you can automatically send promotional and transactional messages to your customers/users.

Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference: The recap

Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference in partnership with Techpoint Africa wrapped last weekend, 23rd July 2022, and we’d say it was a huge success! There was much to take in, from exciting panel sessions to groundbreaking new release info. But if you missed something, don’t worry! We’re recapping the main points for you, AND you can still watch the session recordings as you read along.

Termii — How to set up high-volume WhatsApp

Due to significant changes on WhatsApp Business API, we are shutting down our Low-Volume WhatsApp route and advising our users to switch to our High-volume WhatsApp route or use our alternate channels — SMS and Voice. This article gives a detailed guide on how to do that seamlessly.


Comes with Unlimited Daily Messages

  1. Integrate our API —
  2. Visit your device page, apply for a device ID, or copy your approved device ID for testing —

NB: Test ID only lasts for 7 days after which we will deactivate you. Skip step 2 if we have added an ID for you.

3. Once you are ready to go live [the most Important]

Submit the following details to your support group or via email to

  • Your Facebook business name
  • Your Facebook Page ID
  • Phone number to attach to WhatsApp account
  • Your current Verification Status

4. Submit a verification request on Facebook

5. Get approval status from Facebook

6. Visit your device page — to get device details

7. Open your wallet and load your account with enough funds.

Nigerian YC-Backed CPaaS startup Termii secures Seed capital led by Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa

Termii, an African communications-as-a-service startup has raised $1.4 Million in seed funds. 50% of the round was co-led by both Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa while other participants include Aidi Ventures, Remapped Ventures, Nama Ventures, RallyCap Ventures, Assembly Investors, Acuity Ventures, and Kairos Angels. Notable Industry Angels also joined the round such as Eric Idiahi (Verod Capital), Tayo Oviousu (Paga), Josh Jones (Dream Host), Diran Otegbade, MyAsiaVC, and Ham Serunjogi (Chipper Cash)

Termii Status API and Search API — Know the difference

A Messaging API (Application Programming Interface) refers to any particular service that allows messaging technologies to be implemented into 3rd party applications through a programmable interface.

In purely technical terms, “Messaging API” may also refer to Termii’s API documentation which outlines how to send, access, and manage SMS, voice, and WhatsApp messages on a client’s device [more channels may be supported in the future.]

Termii’s Messaging APIs

Termii’s API Platform makes innovation available to any business of any size. You can add powerful communication functionalities like SMS, group messaging, voice, WhatsApp, and email into your product/application by integrating Termii’s messaging APIs in just a few minutes.

Supported Features

1. Switch API — allows businesses to send messages to any country in the world across SMS and WhatsApp channels through your REST API.

2. Token API — helps prevent fraud before it occurs by generating and verifying one-time passwords sent to customers' mobile devices.

3. Inbox API — allows businesses to receive inbound messages (WhatsApp & SMS) directly in your application through their set webhook URL

4. Insight API Get the real-time delivery status of messages sent to specific customer contacts as well as their updated contact status

Under the Insight API are two important APIs — the ‘Search API’ and the ‘Status API.’ In this article, we will be highlighting the significant difference and purpose between the two.

  • Search API — this API helps Termii users save messaging costs and get the most out of their messaging campaigns as it allows businesses to verify phone numbers, and their current network, as well as automatically detect their status — tells if the number has activated the do-not-disturb settings.
  • Status API on the other hand, allows businesses to detect if a number is fake or has been ported to a new network.

Both give powerful insights to help businesses save costs and time. Since businesses pay for every text message they attempt to send, and not every text received, imagine the cost of sending a simple text alert to a database of about 60,000 customers, which will cost at least N240, 000, by calling the Status or Search API, businesses can simply detect faulty numbers and clean up their database before pushing out messages, thereby saving up to 40% of messaging cost.

Kindly note that our Search API is a growing database and it does not have all the Telco numbers on it.

To learn more about Termii’s messaging APIs, view our full API documentation here. You can also send us a chat at