A Woman in Tech: Rosebud's Journey from Engineering to Product Management

Woman in Tech: Rosebud's Journey from Engineering to Product Management

This Women's History Month, we had a chat with Rosebud Onabanjo, a Product Manager at Termii, to discuss her career journey. She shared her insights on transitioning from engineering to product management.

Rosebud also offered valuable ideas on how society can empower and support more women in tech. This included advocating for STEM programs, challenging gender biases, and fostering inclusive work cultures.

But what truly piqued our curiosity was Rosebud's experience working fully remotely and in a different time zone than most colleagues. 
Read the full interview below to discover her secrets for success in a remote work environment!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Termii. 

I am Rosebud Onabanjo, a product manager at Termii. In my current role as a product manager at Termii, I oversee the comprehensive lifecycle of our third-party vendors and various Termii products. This involves continuously improving existing processes, identifying loopholes, and implementing risk mitigation and strategies.

What career did you imagine for yourself at 12, and what sparked your change of course towards product management?

From 12, I found myself captivated by mixing various elements like colors and creams to achieve specific outcomes, all while being intrigued by the lifecycle of things. What prompted my career transition was recognizing product management as the process engineering equivalent in the tech world. In transitioning from engineering to the tech industry, I saw product management as the natural and fitting next step.

What are the most important skills you have developed throughout your career?

In my career, I've developed crucial skills in leadership, communication, and attention to detail. As a product manager at Termii, I've demonstrated leadership by owning projects and leading diverse teams. I've refined my communication skills through collaboration and conveying complex issues. I’ve also learnt to pay attention to details, identifying and rectifying critical elements within tasks and projects.

What do you love the most about working at Termii and how it has fostered your professional growth?

At Termii, we prioritize a positive work environment, effective leadership, career development opportunities, and recognition and appreciation for employees. This fosters collaboration, growth, a strong sense of belonging, and engagement among myself and my team members.

Describe your experience working remotely, especially since most of your colleagues are in a different location.

My experience working remotely in the United States has been quite positive. Despite the distance, effective communication tools have allowed seamless interaction and teamwork. And although I don’t get to see my colleagues in person, technology helps bridge the gap. Clear communication and regular check-ins also help me maintain productivity and connection within the team.


How does Termii promote inclusivity in a remote setting? 

Termii promotes inclusivity in remote work by ensuring I have access to all the resources I need to be productive in my role. Virtual team-bonding activities reassure me that I’m a part of the team and recognition of remote employees' contributions fosters a sense of belonging and connection among all team members, regardless of location.

Women's Month Special:

In the context of International Women's Month, what do you think the society at large can contribute to empowering and investing in Women in Tech?

As a member of Advanced Women in Tech I will say the following should be done to promote investing in Women in Tech;
Firstly, we need to support STEM programs for girls and women and provide mentorship opportunities. Secondly, it's crucial to challenge gender biases in the tech industry and foster an inclusive culture that values women's contributions. Additionally, advocating for fair hiring and career advancement practices for women in tech is essential to ensure equal opportunities. Creating mentorship programs to support women entering the field and encouraging their representation in leadership roles within tech organizations are important steps. Lastly, supporting female-led startups to address funding disparities in the tech sector is vital for fostering innovation and diversity.

Reflecting on your experiences, what changes or initiatives would you like to see in the tech industry to promote greater gender equality?

To advance gender equality in the tech industry, we need to focus on several key initiatives. These include promoting equal representation of women at all levels of the industry, implementing diverse hiring practices to combat biases, and ensuring pay equity through transparent compensation policies. Additionally, establishing mentorship and sponsorship programs tailored to women's development and investing in STEM education opportunities for girls and women are essential steps towards fostering gender diversity and inclusion in tech. 

As Women History's Month comes to a close, enjoy this story of Inclusion from Termii

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