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Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference: The recap

Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference in partnership with Techpoint Africa wrapped last weekend, 23rd July 2022, and we’d say it was a huge success! There was much to take in, from exciting panel sessions to groundbreaking new release info. But if you missed something, don’t worry! We’re recapping the main points for you, AND you can still watch the session recordings as you read along.

Termii — How to set up high-volume WhatsApp

Due to significant changes on WhatsApp Business API, we are shutting down our Low-Volume WhatsApp route and advising our users to switch to our High-volume WhatsApp route or use our alternate channels — SMS and Voice. This article gives a detailed guide on how to do that seamlessly.


Comes with Unlimited Daily Messages

  1. Integrate our API —
  2. Visit your device page, apply for a device ID, or copy your approved device ID for testing —

NB: Test ID only lasts for 7 days after which we will deactivate you. Skip step 2 if we have added an ID for you.

3. Once you are ready to go live [the most Important]

Submit the following details to your support group or via email to

  • Your Facebook business name
  • Your Facebook Page ID
  • Phone number to attach to WhatsApp account
  • Your current Verification Status

4. Submit a verification request on Facebook

5. Get approval status from Facebook

6. Visit your device page — to get device details

7. Open your wallet and load your account with enough funds.

Nigerian YC-Backed CPaaS startup Termii secures Seed capital led by Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa

Termii, an African communications-as-a-service startup has raised $1.4 Million in seed funds. 50% of the round was co-led by both Kepple Africa Ventures and Future Africa while other participants include Aidi Ventures, Remapped Ventures, Nama Ventures, RallyCap Ventures, Assembly Investors, Acuity Ventures, and Kairos Angels. Notable Industry Angels also joined the round such as Eric Idiahi (Verod Capital), Tayo Oviousu (Paga), Josh Jones (Dream Host), Diran Otegbade, MyAsiaVC, and Ham Serunjogi (Chipper Cash)

Termii Status API and Search API — Know the difference

A Messaging API (Application Programming Interface) refers to any particular service that allows messaging technologies to be implemented into 3rd party applications through a programmable interface.

In purely technical terms, “Messaging API” may also refer to Termii’s API documentation which outlines how to send, access, and manage SMS, voice, and WhatsApp messages on a client’s device [more channels may be supported in the future.]

Termii’s Messaging APIs

Termii’s API Platform makes innovation available to any business of any size. You can add powerful communication functionalities like SMS, group messaging, voice, WhatsApp, and email into your product/application by integrating Termii’s messaging APIs in just a few minutes.

Supported Features

1. Switch API — allows businesses to send messages to any country in the world across SMS and WhatsApp channels through your REST API.

2. Token API — helps prevent fraud before it occurs by generating and verifying one-time passwords sent to customers' mobile devices.

3. Inbox API — allows businesses to receive inbound messages (WhatsApp & SMS) directly in your application through their set webhook URL

4. Insight API Get the real-time delivery status of messages sent to specific customer contacts as well as their updated contact status

Under the Insight API are two important APIs — the ‘Search API’ and the ‘Status API.’ In this article, we will be highlighting the significant difference and purpose between the two.

  • Search API — this API helps Termii users save messaging costs and get the most out of their messaging campaigns as it allows businesses to verify phone numbers, and their current network, as well as automatically detect their status — tells if the number has activated the do-not-disturb settings.
  • Status API on the other hand, allows businesses to detect if a number is fake or has been ported to a new network.

Both give powerful insights to help businesses save costs and time. Since businesses pay for every text message they attempt to send, and not every text received, imagine the cost of sending a simple text alert to a database of about 60,000 customers, which will cost at least N240, 000, by calling the Status or Search API, businesses can simply detect faulty numbers and clean up their database before pushing out messages, thereby saving up to 40% of messaging cost.

Kindly note that our Search API is a growing database and it does not have all the Telco numbers on it.

To learn more about Termii’s messaging APIs, view our full API documentation here. You can also send us a chat at

Termii Status API and Search API — Connaître la différence

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L’analyse du succès des campagnes marketing est une tâche très importante pour chaque entreprise.

Certaines mesures essentielles proposées via l’API Insight sur Termii peuvent vous aider à voir si les coûts dépensés ont eu l’effet souhaité en termes de retour sur investissement (ROI) positif ou d’autres mesures. Ces mesures essentielles vous donneront également des informations sur votre prochaine campagne SMS car elles montrent ce qui fonctionne et ce qui ne fonctionne pas en vous permettant d’obtenir le statut de livraison en temps réel des messages envoyés à des contacts clients spécifiques ainsi que leur statut de contact mis à jour.

Sous l’API Insight se trouvent deux API importantes — l’« API de recherche » et l’« API d’état ». Dans cet article, nous soulignerons la différence et l’objectif significatifs entre les deux.

  • Search API — cette API aide les utilisateurs de Termii à économiser sur les coûts de messagerie et à tirer le meilleur parti de leurs campagnes de messagerie, car elle permet aux entreprises de vérifier les numéros de téléphone et leur réseau actuel, ainsi que de détecter automatiquement leur statut — indique si le numéro a activé le do-not- perturber les paramètres.
  • Status API d’autre part, permet aux entreprises de détecter si un numéro est faux ou a été porté sur un nouveau réseau.

Les deux fournissent des informations puissantes pour aider les entreprises à économiser du temps et des coûts. Étant donné que les entreprises paient pour chaque message texte qu’elles tentent d’envoyer, et non pour chaque texte reçu, imaginez le coût de l’envoi d’une simple alerte texte à une base de données d’environ 60 000 clients, qui coûtera au moins 240 000 N, en appelant le statut ou la recherche. API, les entreprises peuvent simplement détecter les numéros défectueux et nettoyer leur base de données avant d’envoyer des messages, économisant ainsi jusqu’à 40 % des coûts de messagerie.

Veuillez noter que notre API de recherche est une base de données en pleine croissance et qu’elle ne contient pas tous les numéros de téléphone.

Découvrez les autres API de messagerie de Termii

La plate-forme API de Termii rend l’innovation accessible à toute entreprise de toute taille. Vous pouvez ajouter de puissantes fonctionnalités de communication comme les SMS, la messagerie de groupe, la voix, WhatsApp et le courrier électronique dans votre produit/application en intégrant les API de messagerie de Termii en quelques minutes seulement.

Fonctionnalités prises en charge

1. Switch API — permet aux entreprises d’envoyer des messages dans n’importe quel pays du monde via les canaux SMS et WhatsApp via votre API REST.

2. Token API — aide à prévenir la fraude avant qu’elle ne se produise en générant et en vérifiant les mots de passe à usage unique envoyés aux appareils mobiles des clients.

3. Inbox API — permet aux entreprises de recevoir des messages entrants (WhatsApp et SMS) directement dans votre application via leur URL de webhook définie.

4. Insight API — Obtenez le statut de livraison en temps réel des messages envoyés à des contacts clients spécifiques ainsi que leur statut de contact mis à jour.

Pour en savoir plus sur les API de messagerie de Termii, consultez notre documentation complète sur les API ici. Vous pouvez également nous envoyer un chat sur

Umba Continues to Create a Better Banking Experience with Termii’s Verification APIs

As part of Termii’s ongoing mission to power customer messaging for the next generation of African technology businesses, we are excited to announce Umba’s successful integration into our verification APIs!

About Umba

Currently available in Nigeria and with an active market expansion roadmap, Umba is a digital bank that offers its users free instant peer-to-peer money transfers, lending, deposits, a free checking account, BillPay, and cashback, all in one mobile App.

Since its launch in Nigeria in 2021, the innovative FinTech company has doubled revenue every three months and has launched lending, payments, and bill pay into the market.

Umba utilizes machine learning for automating loan decisions and fraud detection. Termii’s verification platform will verify and authenticate its users’ transactions across SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp, complementing its proprietary program.

‘‘Termii has proven to be a very effective messaging platform to verify and authenticate for Umba customers. And whenever there is downtime from any telco, they are swift in following up and keeping us updated. We have been pleased with their reliability and service.‘’

— Tej, CTO at Umba

In addition to the verification API, Termii is providing Umba with Insights, real-time delivery reports of messages sent to customers, and the status of their contacts to ensure a cost-effective solution.

As a result of the partnership, Umba’s users will enjoy an enhanced experience of an already seamless and enriched customer journey.

About Termii

Termii is a cloud communications platform that enables global businesses with messaging channels to verify and authenticate customer transactions, thereby helping companies to build connected experiences across all stages of the customer journey.

Are you interested in learning about our API? Email us or text us at +234 902 225 7951, and we’ll be happy to help.

Credpal’s Improved Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Termii’s Easy Tools for Messaging

According to a McKinsey report, Africa is becoming home to some of the most promising fintech startups. Nigeria alone hosts over 200 fintech companies with online lending platforms being part of the biggest Fintech solutions operating in the Nigerian market. it further states that Nigeria’s fintech sector has raised more than $600 million in funding, attracting 25 percent ($122 million) of the $491.6 million raised by African tech startups in 2019 alone.