How Rosemary's Passion for Listening Fuels Her Career Success.

Rosemary Nyarko, a Customer Success Manager at Termii, shares insights into the crucial role of customer success in a company's growth. 

In this interview, she talks about her role in ensuring customers are happy and relationships are strong. Rosemary also shares her experience of working remotely, even when she's not  in the same location as most of her colleagues.
Join us to get insights into customer success and Rosemary's journey!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Termii. 

My name is Rosemary Nyarko.

I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration and I’m a Customer Success Manager at Termii. What I do at Termii essentially revolves around our customers, ensuring that their needs are tended to and maintaining strong relationships with them.

It also involves acting as the middleman between the customers and Termii. I'm responsible for conveying the customers' voice to the team right here at Termii, ensuring their needs and understanding of success with the platform align, allowing us to build products and features that meet their needs.

If you were not a Customer Success Personnel, what career path would you have chosen?

I really like listening to people, and that's why I enjoy my work at Termii. If I wasn't a customer success personnel, I might have been a lawyer or psychologist because those roles also require active listening. I could have also been a developer because I realized that that would have also been a good choice if I had some level of career guidance.

Can you describe a challenging customer situation you successfully navigated and the lessons you learnt from it?

Having worked for nearly four years at Termii in the customer success unit, I've had my fair share of encountering challenging situations, but one experience stands out.

In my pursuit of acquiring certain accounts, I engaged a very big customer, and that came with a lot of demands that weren't very feasible within the time frame they were expecting it to be done.
So how was I able to navigate? Well, first of all, I was there for them and just gave them a listening ear, allowing them to speak their minds. Another thing I had to do was respond as soon as possible when they reached out, and also provide them with a plan B in terms of a solution that could help them pending the time we could get the issues they had with the operators resolved.

So that helped me think creatively around that situation to come up with possible solutions that could help in the interim.
Another thing this particular situation did for me was that it really stretched me. I was able to develop analytical skills by analyzing some of their data.

What are the two most important skills someone considering a career in customer success should have?

You need to learn patience because you will be dealing with all kinds of people and as much as you might not see your customers physically, your level of patience can easily be identified or seen based on your interactions via text, Secondly I would say that you need to be a very good communicator. You need to be able to communicate the right information in the right way.

What do you love the most about working with Termii and how has it fostered your professional growth?

One thing I like in terms of the culture here at Termii is togetherness. When you walk into Termii, you can hardly tell who is who.

There’s a oneness that makes the environment less tense and makes work easier.
This unity has been beneficial to me, as I can effortlessly interact with anyone from any department and seek assistance when needed. I'm not reluctant to reach out to anybody if I need help, and this has significantly contributed to my personal growth.

How does Termii promote inclusivity in a remote setting? 

In answering this question as straightforwardly as possible, Termii achieves inclusivity by involving me and allowing me to make decisions within my role. Every employee is granted the autonomy to take ownership of their tasks. This sense of responsibility makes you feel included, knowing that any lapse in performance on my part could lead to potential issues.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

As much as possible, I try to take needed breaks once I am exhausted or I'm out of it. I watch movies a lot and I also like reading. Another thing I do is attend social events.

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